Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Blog commenting

Zahn room 5 I love your video it must of been fun to make i love when you and lathem holded up your maths books that as funny keep up the good work.

Caesar room 7 I like how you are inproveing in your maths i looked at your other ones and its like your getting better and better i think you are goign to be a great student when you are a year 8 keep up the good work

tamakii primary room 5 I love those they look great i wish i went im from PBS im a yr 8 student we did something like that one time but mine didn't work out do i helped my friends and one of them said that i could join them so i didn't feel left out keep up the good work

Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Why is it important to learn maths in school.

Why is it important to learn maths in school. it is important to learn maths because you can become what ever you want like a fire man, teacher, what ever you want to be its not my choice to pick but think closely to you self not what anyone else say do does just be yourself

Monday, 7 December 2015

what is problem solving in maths? Does it only happen in maths

I think “NO”! it doesn’t happen only in maths because you can’t not problem solve how much food you need or have to buy for a party, house warming, funeral, and all of the other things you do. It happens at home the mall even food places its never ending but you don’t do it when you're asleep or getting a haircut well the person that is doing the haircut. Problem solving is something that you do when you need help on a timeline questions on quiz and with numbers and counting money


today me and a partner commented on (what is a problem solving in maths. does it happen only in maths and i think that it happens everywhere because i do it all of the time

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

1st day of Science


The first day of sciencer was amazing we were making a rover l=that could drive 3 meters
we got cardboard, straws, rubber bands, wheels, glure and skewers we put holes in the cardboard with skewers we cellataped the work to make sure it was secured. I would want to thank to helpful teachers at Tamaki College for helping us in Science.

Wednesday, 12 August 2015

Biased or Balanced By jacob and june

our challenge was to go on the kiwi kids site and pick a article and make a biased and balanced side a biased side is a 1` and set a new archery world record  

Speech marks DLO

Is is my popplet about how to use speech marks Manu Zahn and me found information about speech marks but some of the information on my DLO I all ready knew about.But I also learnt new things about speech marks

Heart rate comparison graph

This I a graph me and my group created using Google sheets.As you can see this graph shows  the average mount of beats that our heart makes in 20 seconds.